25 June 2022
Maghrib Iqamah

9:30 pm

44:00 Minutes
Begins2:42 am4:41 am1:08 pm5:26 pm9:25 pm10:41 pm
Iqamah3:00 am1:30 pm6:00 pm9:30 pm10:51 pm

start of ramadan 2022

SLMCC UK is pleased to announce that 1st Ramadan 1443 will be on Saturday 2 April 2022.

Tarāwīh will take place tonight (Friday 1st April) after Isha Salah (Iqamah: 9:30pm)

The arrangements for the forthcoming Ramadan at SLMCC is as follows:


🔹 The masjid will remain open for the five times Salah – Ramadan prayer timetable will be shared in the coming days.

🔹 We will be conducting Tarawih Salah as per the prior year’s, reciting the full Qur’an Insha’Allah and completing the Khatm on the 29th Night.

🔹 During the last 10 nights of Ramadan we will also be praying the Qiyaam ul Layl prayer.

🔹 Iʿtikāf will be back to full capacity this year for brothers Alhamdullilah. If you would like to perform Itikaf at SLMCC, please contact the office.

🔹 Short summary / highlight of each nights Taraweeh recital will take place soon after Isha.

🔹 Sisters prayer space on the first floor will be open as normal for sisters to participate in our programs.

🔹 We will be having a reminder before Iftar in English every day. We will also be having Tamil bayans after Tarawih on most days. All prayers and programmes will be streamed via our Youtube channel.
Please visit the centre website slmcc.co.uk or Facebook page for updates & schedule.



🔹 Iftar will be provided each day InshaAllah for brothers & sisters who wish to break their fast at the Masjid. During the last 10 nights of Ramadan suhoor will also be provided InshaAllah.
To donate towards the cost of sponsoring an Iftaar and Suhoor, please visit the Masjid office.



🔹 Zakatul Fitr per family member is £5, to be paid before Eid prayer. This will be collected from the 2nd week of Ramadan. Sadaqah & Zakah may also be deposited with the Masjid.
🔹 Eid-Ul-Fitr prayers will take place at 6am, 7am, 8am, 9 am & 10am InshaAllah.
For any further information, please contact the management.


❗ Please follow the following guidelines when attending the masjid:

📍Allow sufficient time to arrive and park considerately without blocking driveways. Please do not obstruct any of our neighbour’s car parking entrances. Refer to our website for recommended parking spaces.

📍Please arrive and leave quietly to not disturb neighbours.

📍Take responsibility for your children; keep them with you at all times.
Place your shoes on the racks.

📍Please respect all the volunteers at the Masjid as they are only implementing requests by the SLMCC management. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the office.
Although the restrictions have now ended, Covid-19 is still here. So, if you are feeling unwell or showing symptoms, please stay home to minimise the risk of spreading any illness.

🕋 We pray to Allaah that you have a successful Ramadan full of Barakah, Maghfirah and Rahma! . Aameen.

JāzakAllāhu Khayran

SLMCC Management


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