Marriage Services

“When a person gets married he has completed half of his religion, so let him fear Allah with regard to the other half.” Prophet Muhammad pbuh (Hadith, Baihaqi)

As an Islamic and community centre, SLMCC promotes marriage and sees it as a key component for a happy and stable community.

Nikaah is a formal marriage contract between bride and groom according to Islamic law and is considered to be half of a person’s faith. The solemnisation of the marriage is conducted at our centre with one of our experienced imams after a short speech in the presence of witnesses.

SLMCC strongly recommends couples should undertake separately a legal civil marriage as Islamic marriages (Nikah) carried out/conducted in the UK are not recognised as marriages within the laws of England and Wales.

For details of the marriage process at SLMCC, including how to apply the conditions for such a marriage, find below the options: