Prayers and Da’wah

SLMCC is open every day of the year for people to use our prayer facilities, including all five daily prayers, and the special prayers for Ramadan and Eid.

During the daytime the main prayer hall can be used for reading the Qur’an and quiet contemplation. It can accommodate over 1000 people, including space dedicated just for women.

Congregational prayers

We hold congregational prayers at specific times, which you can find in our prayer timetable. These prayers typically take 10–15 minutes.

For Fajr, we open the main prayer hall half an hour before the time set for the congregational prayer, and close again about 15 minutes after the prayer finishes.

Once the masjid opens for Dhuhr prayers (half an hour before the Adhan), the masjid remains open for the rest of the day till the Isha prayers.

On Fridays, the special Jumuah prayer (which replaces the Dhuhr prayer) is preceded by a sermon (khutbah), which takes about half an hour. From late March to late October (in the days of British Summer Time) the sermon starts at about 1:10pm; for the rest of the year it is about 12:30pm.


There are separate prayer facilities for men and women: men pray in the ground floor hall, and women on the first floor accessed through the rear entrance.

For busy prayers, such as Jumuah, and Tarawih in Ramadan, we open up additional space on the first floor and the adjacent building.

All areas are served by modern ablutions facilities.

Limited car park spaces are available to park at our centre and there are ample parking spaces available in the near neighbourhood. We always encourage our attendees to either walk to the masjid or cycle to the masjid or use public transport.

There are several bus services as well as Harrow Wealdstone station (Served by the Bakerloo line, London Overground, London Northwestern Railway, and Southern services) within a 7-10 minute walk from the Masjid.


We host a wide range of educational services, both for children and for adults, including evening and weekend classes, and occasional courses.

Please see the events page for further details.

Throughout the year, we host various Da’wah events for our local Muslims as well as various interfaith programmes for our neighbouring community.

Live streaming

Our Friday sermons and additional talks from the main prayer hall, are available through our youtube page