Harrow is a very diverse borough in London where many languages are spoken and there are more than 30,000 Muslims living in the area. At present, the Muslims make up 12.5% of the population in Harrow and by no doubt, it keeps increasing every day. Islamic centres are very limited and in order to make a difference, some enthusiastic individuals came together in the year 2000 to accomplish the current Masjid-un-Noor and SLMCC aiming to form a place of worship, education and community use.

With the blessings of Almighty Allah SWT, the current SLMCC building at Whitefriars Avenue was purchased in May 2002. The land area of the premises is approximately ½ acres and accommodates more than 1500 people. It is located near the Harrow & Wealdstone train station, opposite Whitefriars School.

The premise is a 2-storey detached building comprising of 3 separate halls and a separate single storey detached building and substantial car parking facilities within the premises. Ever since SLMCC took over the building, many activities have been taking place.

In 2001, SLMCC was registered as a charity trust (Charity number 1090846) and it was governed by a trust declaration with the charitable status obtained from the charity commission of England and Wales. The governing structure was upgraded to a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO) in December 2015 (Charity number 1164657).

Over the last 2 decades, our centre has been offering various expanded services alongside its normal services to promote education, career, peace and harmony in a broader perspective. By the grace of Allah SWT, our centre has been a means of benefitting the wider community of all ethnicities and backgrounds.

At present, we have brothers and sisters over 20 nationalities who attend our Masjid on a regular basis for worship. In addition, we have around 1000 people attending Jumu’ah prayers on a weekly basis and several passionate Musallees attend the Masjid for the 5 daily prayers in congregation.

Our Madrasah (Al-Falah Educational Centre) consists of approximately 800 students and 42 classes over the weekdays and weekends. There are around 40 teachers who dedicate their valuable time towards our Madrasah and its activities. By the grace of Allah SWT, our Madrasah has had the honour of producing around 40 Huffadh over the years. At present, all our graduates and students are in the process of obtaining their degrees and completing secular education. 

In 2011, the individuals who grew up under the roof of SLMCC formed a youth organisation (Al-Buraaq Youth Foundation) as a youth wing of SLMCC and they have been organising various activities for the youngsters of the local community on a regular basis.

Now our top priority is to establish a place where our future generation can achieve Higher Islamic Education and aspire to become spiritual leaders of our Ummah. As a community and Masjid we wish to continue providing these services alongside additional activities which can be obtained through your endless contribution and support.