Youth Activities

Here at SLMCC, we recognise the important role that youth must play in the future of our community which is why we seek to empower them through engaging programmes, strengthening them physically, mentally and spiritually, thereby creating a future generation that will not only benefit themselves, but the wider community.

Youth activities are run by Al Buraaq Youth Foundation (ABYF). ABYF was established in 2011 to provide the youth based around SLMCC with an Islamic atmosphere where they can form bonds of brotherhood with their peers, develop key social life skills and become the torchbearers of Islamic work in the UK.

Activities and services this year include:

We aim to make the centre a safe haven, a second home and a hub for local Muslim youth to meet other youngsters and bond with elder role models, and to establish a consistent department that would be the responsible leaders in influencing the youth to reach their best potential.

Please see for updates on events for the youth.