25 June 2022
Maghrib Iqamah

9:30 pm

5:00 Minutes
Begins2:42 am4:41 am1:08 pm5:26 pm9:25 pm10:41 pm
Iqamah3:00 am1:30 pm6:00 pm9:30 pm10:51 pm

SLMCC has been shotlisted for the Beacon Mosque Award 2021

Assalamu Allikum

Alhamdulillah, Sri Lanka Muslim Cultural Centre in Harrow (SLMCC Harrow) has been shortlisted for the prestigious British Beacon Mosque Award 2021.

We kindly request all members to
vote on the link above and share amongst your friends, family and members of your organisation and please encourage to vote on this urgently.

This is a great news for SLMCC Harrow and all Sri Lankans in general for being Short Listed in this award and I belive this is the first time a Sri Lankan based Masjid has been shortlisted within one of the 4 in national level.

The deadline is 10/11/2021 and I’m sure everyone will do their best.

We pray Allah for SLMCC to win this award in recognition of their service during difficult period of Covid Pandemic time. This is a good recognition for the BOT, Mussalees, Members and voulnteers of SLMCC Harrow.

Jazakallha Khiran and Best Regards

Sri Lankan Muslim Cultural Centre – Shortlisted – Best Run Mosque 2021


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